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RE>BUILD (Bury) collects donations of unwanted domestic furniture from the Bury Council area. We also operate a Community Re>Paint paint reuse scheme and a volunteering, training and work experience programme for people from all backgrounds. In partnership with other agencies we offer a bike refurbishment course for young people.

RE>BUILD’s aim is to support the local community with local services.

We do this by collecting quality unwanted furniture from households in Bury and the surrounding areas;

Re-distributing this furniture, at affordable prices, to local households who need it;
Reducing the amount of goods that unnecessarily end up in landfill and divert increasing amounts back into re-use;

Recycling where items are beyond their reuse life;
Providing a Community Re-Paint scheme for families, individuals, and community groups at a very low cost, so reducing paint being landfilled;

Providing a supportive volunteer service with ongoing training, access to information and advice, assistance with job seeking, and emotional and practical support;
Offering practical learning opportunities to people from a range of disadvantaged backgrounds including those with disabilities;

Providing employment for local people;
Aiming to be as financially self-sustaining as possible, vital in the current climate.