Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering or Work Placement

To help the well over a thousand local households that RE>BUILD helps each year, we rely on unpaid workers as well as a handful of paid workers. Around 60 people volunteered or came to us on work placements through return to work initiatives last year at our warehouse and charity shop, carrying out a range of vital activities. We always need new people who can offer time, skills and energy.

Just fill in the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM and either Fax it to us on 0161-764-0888 or post it to REBUILD Volunteer Manager, 4 Park Road, Bury, BL9 5BQ

Volunteering Opportunities

What will you get from it?  Our volunteers tell us it gives them a sense of purpose, a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  It helps them to feel part of something, to make friends, build their confidence and learn new skills – we offer a variety of training.  Come along and see us to see what our ‘family’ is like!

RE>BUILD has a diverse workforce of volunteers and paid staff. We offer practical and emotional support to all our volunteers and pride ourselves on the achievements our volunteers and staff attain on both a personal and professional level. RE>BUILD is a positive, friendly environment where individuals can build on existing skills and gain new ones, whilst gaining on the job training.

As well as training, all our volunteers are offered as many opportunities as possible including group events, meeting with the general public, other agencies and professionals. Manual Handling and Health and Safety training are very important for all our staff and volunteers to attend and these can also be beneficial for future employment. Volunteers can either receive a certificate of attendance and sometimes can gain a qualification in certain types of training (e.g. Health & Safety).

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer at RE>BUILD can telephone or e-mail us or download an application form (at the bottom of this page).  You will need a couple of people that we can approach for references for you and once we have these we will ask you in for an induction session.  We normally offer an initial 6 week period of between 2 and 4 hours each week volunteering with us and then we will discuss whether you are able to continue with us on a more permanent basis.

We will try and accommodate your interests and needs but we are a very busy service and if we can’t offer as much support as we think you need, we may end the placement at the end of the 6 weeks.

Typical Roles

Please note that potential drivers need to be over 25, in good health and with a clean full driving licence.
Tasks involve

  • Driving the RE>BUILD vehicles
  • Carrying out daily vehicle checksREBUILD Van
  • Lifting and carrying donated items from the general public.
  • Delivering items of furniture to vulnerable families in Bury.
  • Supporting other volunteers (for example, driver’s assistants)
  • Working with others in the team

(N.B. Criminal Records Bureau checks are required for this post at RE>BUILD’s expense)

Drivers Assistant
Tasks involve:

  • Assisting the driver to collect donated items and deliver items to vulnerable families.
  • Lifting and moving furniture and related items
  • Assist the driver with map reading.
  • Working with others in the team
Sales (Charity Shop or Warehouse)
Tasks involve:

  • Sorting and cleaning bric-a-brac
  • Ensuring the sale items are well presented and clean
  • Ensuring the sales area is kept clean and safe
  • Assisting with sales
  • Working with others in the team
Tasks can involve:

  • Moving and lifting furniture around the warehouse and on and off the vans.
  • Steam cleaning, hoovering and generally cleaning items of furniture.
  • Sorting, pricing and cleaning items of bric a brac
  • Sorting various items of bedding and curtains into the correct order and measuring curtain lengths/widths
  • Ensuring the items are well presented and clean
  • Ensuring working areas are kept clean and safe
  • Working with others in the team
Tasks involve:

  • Electrical testing of small electrical appliances (when trained).
  • Function testing electrical items.
  • Repairing items of furniture.
  • Stripping items of furniture down so we can use spare parts.
  • Painting items of furniture.
  • Making new items from waste wood.
  • Working with others in the team.

A variety of administrative tasks depending what is needed from day to day, some, but not all, of which require computer skills.

If you would like to volunteer please contact us or download our Volunteer Application Form (at the top of the page), complete it and post it back to us.